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Taking your Motorcycle Test

The popularity of motorcycles has grown considerably over the past few years - in the summer motorcycles and scooters are a common sight up and down the country. The popularity has grown because of the vast range of different motorcycles to choose from. There really is a bike to suit everyone, from a large Harley Davidson to a 50cc scooter, each has its benefits and can be a great way to commute or to get out into the open countryside

Owning a motorcycle is becoming more of a lifestyle choice, many will use a bike for commuting to work and use it as their main method of transport, whilst others will use their bike on weekends and enjoy it as an exhilarating hobby. Whatever your reason for wanting to own a motorcycle, you can be sure that many years of enjoyment will follow.

There are a few things you need to know before you start looking for your first bike purchase. You will first and foremost need to be at least 16 years old to ride a motorcycle and must undertake some Compulsory Basic Training known as your CBT.

You will also need to know what size of bike you can legally ride and know when and how you can upgrade this to be able to ride any motorcycle. Last but not least you will need bike insurance - offer a range of biking tips and advice for new riders which may help to reduce their premiums.

Choosing your first bike is very different from choosing your first car, you really need to try them for size as if you’re tall, one bike will be more comfortable to ride than another. Then you need to decide if you are looking at a sports bike, Supermoto, Trail Bike or a cruiser. However this is really where the fun starts and you begin to see the vast array of choices you have. It could be worth shopping online for much of your gear using

However, one step at a time, you first need to pass your basic training and then need to take some lessons and pass your main test. Very similar to that of your driving test, you need to be committed and take the time to practice and learn with a reputable motorcycle training school. These schools are located up and down the country and are run by like minded motorcycle enthusiasts who will look forward to meeting you and share a few experiences as well as get you on the road. You will find learning to ride a motorcycle very different from learning to drive a car. Most people find the whole process an exciting and pleasurable one, a rapport is undoubtedly built up with your instructors and the other learners will share your enthusiasm. Believe it or not its also great fun and you will be eager for your next lesson to come around.

Learning to ride a motorcycle is very different from learning to drive a car. There are several types of test available depending on your circumstances.  The learning process for your motorcycle test will be much shorter than that of your driving test, whilst it may take months of lessons for your driving test, you may only need a couple of weeks of lessons for your bike test. This is not because the motorcycle test is easy, quite the contrary, it is because of the way you are taught and the difference in the lesson structure.

One of the most important aspects of motorcycling that you will be taught is that of safety. Unfortunately being a motorcyclist does mean you will have a higher than average chance of being involved in a road traffic accident. More worryingly you stand a greater chance of being injured or the accident being fatal.

It is however for this reason that safety and being aware of the road is extremely important and your instructor will teach you how to try and avoid being another statistic. They can also assist and advise you in not only choosing the correct type of bike but also give extremely good advice on protecting yourself if you are involved in an accident. From choosing the correct helmet, to choosing the right type of leathers, boots and gloves will all prove to be information that will keep you as safe as possible. For example do you know the difference between the difference British Standard types of helmets and that if you drop your helmet even just once you could be at risk? Well if you don't you need to make sure you get your Will in order!

Being a biker that takes on board all of these factors will mean you will have years of fantastic motorcycling that will become a way of life. One thing is for certain it won’t be long before you are able to get out on the open road and enjoy your new found freedom.



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